Personal Chef, Private Chef, Toronto, Ontario, Cottage


…there are 3500 varieties of mango.

How many have you tried?

We always try to push the boundaries of earths natural produce. Always searching for that first bite, that made you..

Raise your voice…

            Widen your eyes…

                          maybe even cry a little…



We have the dream to bring people together, through suspense, surprise, and smiles.

Each meal presented to explore the reaches of possible, and redefine the experience.


What We Offer

A private dinning experience, with a personal chef, that will immerse you into re-discover eating. We bring a unique “Open Kitchen” restaurant experience inside the comfort of your home, tailored to you.

We Plan, we shop, we cook, we clean.

We share, and we laugh.

For you and your guests


What We Bring

Attention to detail, passion and appreciation for the creative process. We bring our thirst for knowledge and inspiration to the forefront. Continually growing with each interaction for our guests, the catalyst, to discover something new.


Who We Bring

If love was a person…we bring them…oh, and a private chef!


Eat, Experience, Enjoy

No dishes, no mess, no worries

Private Chef, Personal Chef, Toronto, Ontario, Cottage, In my kitchen